PANGEA Lab research gets cited in U.S. Senate Hearing PANGEA Lab research led by Dr Götz has recently been cited at a U.S. Senate Hearing. The paper, spearheaded by Dr Götz in collaboration with Dr Samuel Gosling (University of Texas at Austin, USA & University of Melbourne, Australia) and Dr Jason Rentfrow (University of Cambridge, UK) discusses the prevalence, significance and impact of small […]

Collaborative research from PANGEA Lab informs European Policy A research paper published by Dr Götz in collaboration with researchers at the Universities of Bochum and Mannheim (Germany) and the German Institute for Economic Research is prominently featured in ongoing policy discussions across Europe. The paper, which was led by Dr Susanne Bücker (University of Bochum) and published in Social Psychological and Personality Science […]

PANGEA Lab Ushers in the Holidays with a Celebratory Lab Dinner After a long and in many ways unusual term, the PANGEA Lab went out to Pizzeria Ludica in Downtown Vancouver for a night of delicious pizza, friendly chats, good vibes, and fun board games (“One Night Ultimate Alien” was a clear fan favourite!). We had a great time rounding off the first semester in the […]

Congratulations to Dr Götz for receiving the Dissertation Prize of the German Psychological Society Dr Götz has been awarded the Dissertation Prize of the German Psychological Society (Personality Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics Section) for his doctoral thesis “Mountains, cities, random forests: New and old frontiers in geographical psychology“. Dr Götz completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2021 before joining UBC. His dissertation research focused on the […]

Q&A with PANGEA Lab Director Dr. Friedrich Götz Following an around-the-world academic journey, Dr. Friedrich Götz joins UBC Psychology as assistant professor in the social personality area. Dr. Friedrich Götz’ research focuses on the geographical differences in psychological characteristics, tracing the historical sociocultural causes of present-day regional differences in personality and values. He is excited to collaborate with researchers across the globe to […]